Integrated Design & Build – new build in Saint Heliers saves $70,000

Our client wanted a high-end home designed by an architect. Our advice was to follow our integrated design and build process where the architect works with the build team and project manager. It is easy for architects to lose track of the budget and focus on features that are costly and timely to construct. Continual feedback and guidance from the build team provided our client options and the ability to balance design features to their budget.

  • Architecturally recessed windows – whilst aesthetically superior, the build team identified a $50,000 cost premium to construct. When explained to our client, they decided the benefit was minimal to them and saved the $50,000
  • Ground floor layout – our client’s brief was for a single open plan kitchen-diner-lounge. When reviewing the architect’s concept plans our build team identified a high cost in steel beams to manage the space. Working with the project manager they proposed a new layout with a very minor change, no reduction in usable space and the addition of a butler’s scullery. The client loved the idea and saved $20,000 in steel beams whilst gaining a feature they had not considered.

Quality Control – renovation in Saint Heliers requires $40,000 to remedy previous builder mistakes.

During a renovation of a character home in St Heliers, a catalogue of faults were identified from poor quality control from a renovation undertaken by the previous owner only a few years prior. Despite the previous builder’s experience, it highlighted to our client the importance of Assure’s quality control process which relies on systems, processes and documentation over just a builder’s experience.

  • Rotting timber framing from a historical leak from a waste pipe the plumber forgot to seal.
  • Rotten timber framing in wall and roof from poor roof joins/ flashings during the extension.
  • Paints not matching meant complete room repaint rather than patch up
  • Category 5 internet wiring despite category 6 specified meant client unable to achieve ultra fast broadband speeds

Remedial work cost an additional $40,000 that would have been saved had Assure’s quality control process been utilised.

Project Management – new build in Kohimarama completed in 7 months vs 10 month estimates from other builders, saving $40,000

Our client received competitive quotes from 3 builders of which ours was not only price competitive but estimated completion was 3 months sooner. The project was delivered on time and on budget, saving the client $40,000 in rent and build cost compared with the competing quotes.